Let us slash your power bills! Choose Phasebook for your energy and save. Keep up with your friends, get useful tips about your energy use, and get the best offers.

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Phasebook, the only retailer where you can compare your electricity use with your friends!

Phasebook shares your energy use data with the government and multinational conglomerates to detect your appliance preferences, gives you energy saving tips and access to lots of special offers!

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Compete with your friends and similar households to see how low you can go. Then use Phasebook Messenger to connect and swap tips for lowering your consumption with the winner!

Help keep the aircon running

Your data on Phasebook is shared with energy networks across the country to help them understand your use. This helps them save the grid and send you personalised tips for reducing your consumption.

Save Money

The government is putting on pressure to lower your energy use in peak times, and the cost is always rising. So when your smart meter can do all kinds of things, why not let it work for you? Phasebook will work with the data from your smart meter to let you know about potential problems, and give you deals on energy saving appliances. Let us keep on top of things, so you don’t have to.


Electric Vehicle Runout

By choosing Phasebook as your energy provider, your patterns and usage can get you personalised discounts on some of the newest electric vehicles. See your car’s energy usage and get to know the best times to charge. Energy export is available from a range of models to help avoid penalties during peak use times.