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Near capacity

As of the last time of measurement, the electricity network is near capacity around the state. Find out more about how you can help here.

Street-Level Capacity Warnings

Peak electricity demand is continuing to be a big issue during heat waves. And it's getting hotter! While most of us are doing the right thing by limiting the use of high powered devices including AC's between 4-6pm, a small number of people are still using lots of power.

Would you water your lawn during a severe drought? To make sure everyone is doing the right thing, the North Australian Electricity Commission has introduced the Neighbourhood Wattch app.

Here you can (1) see how your local electricity transformer is doing, check it's not too close to capacity, and (2) check on your neighbour's electricity use to make sure they're doing the right thing.

Go to Neighbourhood Wattch

We hear your concerns

We know about unique living conditions that cause some households to use more energy. In cases where these households are reported, we take no action as they are justified in their use. If you require special consideration in your energy use, apply for an exemption here.

We found most people were comfortable with the commission letting them know when they were causing problems. Unfortunately due to smart meter data privacy and other issues with the collection of data, we cannot automatically determine who is wasting energy, so we rely on the input of the public.

We have profiles of each household, based on data from a number of sources, and using this we know the relative acceptable use for each home. Reports of energy wasters are analysed before any alerts are sent, so you can be confident that your reports will not be actioned if the use is appropriate for the household.

Coming soon: Based on community input, Neighbourhood Wattch will let you compare your use with similar households, so you can know more about your consumption.

Not sure what to look for?

During these extremes where we need everyone to do their part, we need you to be on the lookout. Some signs are obvious, like pool pumps, car chargers and air conditioners, but we’ve created a guide to help you spot the more subtle signs of energy waste.

Conflicts and false reporting

If we have sent you an alert about your usage, but your use is reasonable for your home, or you were using very little, please submit an appeal application.

We understand that your relationship with your neighbours is incredibly important to you, whether it’s friendship or even just avoiding conflict. We understand this is a complex and uncomfortable situation, but so is the situation for our energy grid. We ask you to consider the neighbours beyond those in your immediate vicinity, and report anyone who is wasting energy during the peak times, for the greater good.

False reports of neighbours, not made in good faith, repeatedly, will result in fines increasing with the count of false reports made.

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