1 Million

Australians use myEV everyday

10,000 kms

in the myEV network

1 Million

EVs on the road


powered by solar

What is myEV?

myEV is a car hire system designed to give you flexible options for getting from A to B. We offer a range of prices based on how much you help manage electric vehicles (EVs) in the network. myEV helps to reduce stress on the electricity network from charging EVs by moving cars between different charging locations at different times of day.

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How Does myEV Use Solar?

We want to make the most of solar. The cost of trips using myEV are partially calculated by the solar availability of your destination. If you're driving to an area with higher solar availability, and confirm you'll plug it into a neighbourhood charging node at the end-of-trip, then you get discounts. This helps optimise the use of Queensland's legendary solar input to the grid.

"By teaming up with myEV, AussiePower is better able to manage solar on the grid. myEV entices EV car-share drivers to plug into areas with the highest solar availability, limiting the stress on networks and incentivising sustainable transport!"

Mark French - CEO of AussiePowerNetworks

How myEV Works

Set your trip, see the cars.

Use the app to find what cars are nearby for your trip. These cars are unlocked using the app after selecting an option.

Make your choice, see your route.

Each trip gives you a range of options, with the cost depending on the distance from your location and if the car needs to be relocated to charge from solar at another location. After making your selection the route is shown, including any transfer locations where you will need to swap vehicle at the myEV charging point.

Cheaper trips help us all.

Cheaper trips help us by relocating cars in need of charging. This brings the costs down and makes sure that the cars in the network are always charged by renewable energy.

Got excess solar? Export to myEV!

myEV offers attractive deals for households with excess solar in areas where myEV charging points are used often. Depending on your export threshhold, enjoy credits for the myEV network, or a bonus on the existing export tariff.

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myEV on holiday

myEV is perfect for tourist locations where a car is necessary to get around, bring myEV into your city and enjoy the green tourism boom taking off right now. We have plans available for launching myEV in your city, and making the most of the holiday sunshine.

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Upgrades and News

Changing the world

Read our latest article about our impact on car ownership and EVs: 5 Years Later - How car ownership changed forever in Australia

Travelling with kids?

From December this year all myEV vehicles will have child seats for children over the age of 8 in the boot of the car.

Even more charging points in SEQ

In the last year we have installed an additional 500 charging stations in South East Queensland, bringing the average stations per kilometre to 3 in greater Brisbane.

Don't want to drive?

We are currently trialing EVoober, a vehicle for hire service, using myEV vehicles running on solar energy. The service is currently running in Brisbane's CBD, see here for more.

Even bigger than before

Our network has expanded yet again! Now myEV is available in Toowoomba and surrounds, with more updates available here.

Let’s keep it safe and clean

Some guidelines to help us all get he most from myEV

  • Keep it clean - help us keep cars clean
  • Drive responsibly - to keep cars in top shape
  • Park smart - residents are being kind giving up their street parking for myEV so park well

Use Battman?

We now offer specialised routes and deals for collection and delivery services in the Battman network. click here to find out more.

That new car smell

We’ve recently added a number of new vehicles to the network, spread throughout the country. Keep an eye out for them.

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