Weather the storm!

Use ClaimTamer and take control this storm season.

ClaimTamer does not show real time weather data, and is not a tool for viewing weather warnings or other important live information about storm events. See the BECC Crisis Management site.

Ready or not, natural disasters and violent storms will keep coming every year. Protect yourself, your family, and property by knowing how Summer storms and cyclones have hit us in the past. Claim Tamer helps you to see historical storms and weather events and the damage caused. Check your area and see what you should do when the next one hits.

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Using ClaimTamer you can replay notable weather events and see insurance claims made in locations affected by that event. See what happened and where, with descriptions of the causes and outcomes. See what could have been done to prevent these problems happening so you can be more prepared for storms and natural disasters.

Preparing for storm season

Battery Storage

Regular checks of your batteries for faults are just one part of preparing for loss of grid power, see more you can do.


Make sure you always keep your EV charged, and know it’s charge level, some EVs can be used to power your home during an event, see more.


Checking trees for dead limbs and other garden maintenance jobs are necessary for any home in storm season, see more.


Prepare for possible evacuations by organising your treasured keepsakes and important documents, see more.

Climate change in Queensland



storms with hail


severe rain and wind events

Now in 2025


storms with hail


severe rain and wind events

The number of severe weather events per year has been increasing, and the next 10 years will only bring more, even with current environmental efforts. See the effects of these severe weather events on other, similar households and look for ways to prepare.

Estimated outlook for 2035


storms with hail


severe rain and wind events

ClaimTamer is part of the Sonneco initiative as a responsible insurer, encouraging resilience against disasters, instead of profiting off an increase of premiums as natural disasters occur more often.

The information used in ClaimTamer for public use is de-identified, anonymised data, carefully filtered to give you an idea of the damage caused in your area by weather events, without being able to personally identify or be identified. We understand some events are quite unique and you may feel these are too close to a personal claim you have made, please contact us for further information.