As of July 2026, version 3 battery interfaces (installed between 2022-2023) will not be supported by Battman or the grid because of changes to regulations. More information can be found here.

Want more choices for your power?

Battman is a flexible battery management service that can save you from your bills, while saving the environment.

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It’s your say when you need a fresh battery for your home, with flexible pricing per battery delivered. Take the power back for your power.

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Battman suppliers share their excess solar generation and help keep your power green and local. Make cash and become a supplier today.

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Battman users help keep the system running and make cash by collecting and delivering batteries.

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It’s your say, more power to you.

Using the app, order a freshly solar-charged battery directly to your door, when you need it. Easily see when to expect it and how much it will cost. Where possible, batteries come from your local area to keep the system green and fast.

New partnership with myEV!

Next time you’re going to collect or deliver, consider using myEV for your trip. We’ve teamed up with myEV to bring cheaper rates and customised routes to Battman users.

Changing to Battman from other systems

The Battman system is incredibly flexible, and depending on your smart meter model, you can get started in minutes after the install of a Battman battery interface.

Reduce your carbon footprint

This year Battman suppliers are phasing in ultra-low carbon footprint batteries, made in Australia by Albertech Industries, with the same size, capacity, and increased safety features.

Solar energy no matter what

Using the Moonie Mega Solar Farm to charge batteries during times of cloud or rain in SEQ helps us always supply green energy to your home.

Get started with Battman today!

In the app you can follow our guide to set up and configure your system for Battman, or quickly order another battery if you’re already with us.

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Support for Off-Grid Users

We here at Battman know the difficulties that come with being off-grid, and we offer special support to those who use the system off-grid, find out more here.

Climate Change is Here, Stay Strong with Battman

In times of grid instability, Battman keeps the lights on and the fridge running, with more and more intense Summer storms and natural disasters hitting us each year. Using Claim Tamer take a look at your risks, and consider the resilience that Battman can give you.

Caring for the Community

Our customers tell us about their satisfaction using Battman, but they sometimes worry about their neighbours that are more vulnerable, who depend on the existing grid. Battman is working with energy networks to help improve resilience in areas with vulnerable households, where Battman installations can support the grid. Battman users can opt-in to support their community, donate power, and become energy heros!

Battman News

Battman wins QLD government award for jobs and growth

Battman started as a small business in Brisbane, Queensland, and it's here in our hometown we like to employ the talented folk around us in the local community. As a growing company with a bright future, we're always hiring, and from this we've won the Queensland Government's award for jobs and growth for 2026. We're very proud to have the honour, and we look forward to continuing to support local jobs. See more here.

Logan street rids themselves of power poles

What happens when a group of neighbours decide to get rid of their power poles, and make the change to Battman? The residents of Hasselblad St, Logan, Queensland can tell you. Saving money by gathering their Battman resources into a pool, the street operates as both a collector and supplier, and now the entire street is resilient to any outage on the grid, or spike in power costs. We have developed a guide for those interested in reaching out to their neighbours to try and come to a similar agreement here.


How are batteries swapped and changed in Battman?
  • The Battman battery interface lets anyone safely and simply insert or remove batteries. The enclosure cover with locking handle makes sure that at any time you can see the battery, the connections on that battery are disconnected, and it's safe to move.
How are auto-order batteries priced?
  • Auto-order batteries are priced at a flat rate based on the price of a battery at the time of your initial order. This is done to balance out the cost of using your smart meter data. Using auto-order lets your smart meter decide when a new battery is needed.
What do I need to be a Battman supplier?
  • To be a Battman supplier you need to show us that you have a large surplus of solar export to the grid, and that your self-consumption rate stays below 20%. Apply here to become a supplier.
How do I make money through collection and delivery?
  • Anyone can collect and deliver with Battman. Using the app, select the ‘I want to collect/deliver’ option and view the current suggestions and pay rates for collecting and delivering. Choose which you would like to do, view the available locations, choose your route, accept the terms, then begin.