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This page features ideas of potential apps and services, created by The Centre for Energy Data Innovation to help us discover and understand values and attitudes towards future uses of energy data. The ideas presented here are for research purposes only, intended to provoke discussion and thought into the distant future.


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Neighbourhood Wattch

It’s 2030, peak demand has become worse with ubiquitous air conditioning and EV ownership and “Energy Restrictions” have come into place, similar to water restrictions. We can see which transformers are struggling on hot days, and the network sends residents warnings when their transformers are running hot to ask them to turn off high power appliances.

But the real gossip is finding out who’s doing the damage. Click down to individual houses to see who’s using all the juice during a peak demand event. You wouldn’t water your lawn during a drought, but do you see anyone with all the AC’s and home theatre running during peak demand? Wattch your neighbours and Dob in an energy waster!


Analysis of high frequency data on household energy use can provide insight into householders’ practices and the appliances they use. Hence energy data is becoming a valuable commodity to retailers and advertisers.

In the near future, big data companies will enter the electricity retail market alongside existing retailers like Origin, AGL etc. Phasebook is what might happen…

Phasebook is a speculative app providing those in 2025 with a new way to interact with their electricity. See what your friends are up to, unlock savings on your electricity bill by sharing more of your personal data.


myEV is a personal transport system designed to give you flexible options for getting from A to B at a range of prices based on how much you help manage electric vehicles (EVs) in the network. myEV helps to reduce the stress from charging EVs on the electricity network by moving cars between different charging locations at different times of day, to make the most of renewables and demand for electricity.

Using the app you can enter your destination and the time you want to leave, and the system will give you a selection of travel options for your journey, with the price dropping the more you opt to go out of your way to help manage the network.


Would you like more independence from the grid, but don’t know where to start, or don’t have a big enough solar system to get there? Battman builds on the success of sharing and gig economy services like Uber Eats and Lime Scooters to deliver fully charged batteries to your door, or pay you for charging batteries from your own large solar installations.